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Instructions for downloading/viewing pdfs:

The decisions of the ALC are formatted as pdf files generated with the .aspx file extension. To view these pdfs in your browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox), you will need to have a pdf viewer application installed on your computer (click to down load Adobe reader). To download these pdfs and open them successfully, some people may need to rename the file extension from .aspx to .pdf. For example, if the file is labeled “search.aspx” you would rename the file “search.pdf.” 

Note: For cases filed before January 1, 2009, Party Names and Party Type are not available and can only be searched using Caption or Keywords 

Agency Name: Docket Number:
Judge Name: Case Type:
From Date: To Date:
Party Last Name:
or Agency/Company Name
Party Type:

*You may use the following connectors to help refine your search:
Connector Description Example
AND Both search terms must be found narcotics AND warrant
OR Either search terms must be found car OR Automobile
NOT exclude any documents that match the word following NOT armed NOT robbery
NEAR both search terms must be found near each other in the document hearsay NEAR utterance
* Matches all words that start with the specified prefix. Note that the double quotes are required. "trad*"
Phrase The phrase must be found exactly. Note that you do not use the word Phrase. You put the phrase in double quote marks. "driving while intoxicated"
Forms of Words Search for variations of a word. FORMSOF(INFLECTIONAL, arrest)

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