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ALC Rules

April 8, 2024 Rules click here

Effective April 8, 2024, the ALC amended its Rules and Revised Notes.  Notable changes include:

  • Amending Rule 4(C) to provide that all documents must be submitted in a standard format.

  • Amending Rule 6 to clarify that all documents filed with the Court must contain a traditional, hand-written signature.

  • Amending Rule 19 to provide that a party’s failure to timely respond to a motion may be deemed consent by that party to the relief requested in the motion.

  • Amending Rule 29 to clarify that in contested cases, a motion for reconsideration is required prior to filing a notice of appeal.

  • Amending Rule 34 to add a provision that provides litigants with the required contents and time frames for filing a motion in appeals.

  •  Amending Rule 35 to delete the provision that allows an administrative law judge to order the agency to prepare the transcript in appeals.

  • Amending Rule 40 to clarify the timeframe for responding to a motion in appeals.

For previous versions of the ALC Rules, click here.

To view the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules, Rules of Civil Procedure, and Rules of Evidence, please visit the South Carolina Judicial Department website click here.

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