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DOR vs. Christ Temple Church of Anderson, d/b/a Bingo City, and Jane Robbins

South Carolina Department of Revenue

South Carolina Department of Revenue

Christ Temple Church of Anderson, d/b/a Bingo City, and Jane Robbins

Lynn M. Baker
Attorney for Petitioner

Jane Robbins, Promoter

Adam Fisher, Jr.
Attorney for Respondent, Jane Robbins



This case was initiated through an administrative violation issued against the Respondents, Christ Temple Church of Anderson (Christ Temple Church) d/b/a Bingo City, and Jane Robbins (Robbins), Promoter of Bingo City, by the South Carolina Department of Revenue (Department). A violation was issued against the Respondents for failure to comply with various provisions of the Bingo Tax Act, S.C. Code Ann. Section 12-21-3910, et seq (Supp. 2002). Specifically, the Respondents were charged with a violation of S.C. Code Ann. Sections 12-21-3990 and 12-21-4220 as set forth in the Final Determination of the Department dated August 29, 2003. The Department issued its Final Determination sustaining the violation and seeking a monetary penalty of five thousand dollars ($5000) and license revocation of the Respondents. The Respondents appealed this matter and the case was transmitted to the Administrative Law Judge Division (ALJD) for a contested case hearing. Ms. Robbins currently does not hold a license to promote bingo in South Carolina. The Respondent, Christ Temple Church of Anderson, settled this regulatory violation pursuant to Consent Order dated December 23, 2003.

Prior to a hearing on this matter, the Respondent, Jane Robbins, entered into an agreement with the Department resolving the violation issued against her as promoter for the bingo. The agreement is incorporated in this Order and is as set forth below:

1.Respondent, Jane Robbins, stipulates that she was the licensed promoter of Bingo City located at 34 Country Plaza Highway 29, Greer, South Carolina and that a violation of S.C. Code Sections 12-21-3990 and 12-21-4220 did occur at Bingo City on March 3, 2003.

2.For the violation set forth herein and in the Final Determination dated August 29, 2003, Jane Robbins agrees to pay a fine of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2500). Ms. Robbins shall pay this amount to the Department of Revenue on or before Friday, February 27, 2004.

3.Ms. Robbins additionally agrees that her license to promote bingo will be retroactively suspended for two years from the date of the Final Determination, August 29, 2003. During this suspension, Ms. Robbins will not apply for a promoter’s license and is not permitted to manage or conduct a game or assist in any manner with bingo operations. In consideration of the service of this two year suspension, the Department agrees not to seek full retroactive revocation of the promoter’s license as it relates to the pending matter unless this Consent Order is violated by Ms. Robbins.

4.The Department agrees that this constitutes full and final settlement of the violation as set forth in the Final Determination issued against Jane Robbins.

5.The Department and Jane Robbins further agree that failure to comply with any provision herein shall result in the reinstatement of the original penalties as set forth in the Department’s Final Determination including license revocation. The Department and Jane Robbins agree that this matter is settled with prejudice as relates to Respondent, Jane Robbins.

I find the agreement to be fair and equitable and will approve such agreement and order its adoption. This Court retains continuing jurisdiction to enforce this Order. This matter is resolved with prejudice as it relates to the Respondent, Jane Robbins.



The Honorable Carolyn C. Matthews

Administrative Law Judge

February 25, 2004

Columbia, South Carolina

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