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Tiffany R. Henry vs. South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

Tiffany R. Henry

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

For the Petitioner:
John R. Etheridge, Esq.

For the Respondent:
C. Dale Scott, Esq.


The Petitioner, Tiffany Henry, initiated this matter after Respondent, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) denied Petitioner’s application for registration as a security officer. Petitioner appealed SLED’s decision to revoke her license in a timely manner and pursuant to S.C. Code § 40-18-130. Respondent denied Petitioner’s application for a registration as a security officer based on the incorrect understanding that Petitioner was applying for an armed security license. Petitioner failed to list an October 8, 2007 arrest for criminal domestic violence in her application and pursuant to S.C. Code § 40-18-130(A)(12), SLED may suspend or revoke a registration if a registered individual has been charged with a crime which would, upon conviction disqualify a person from registration. Criminal domestic violence is a crime that would prohibit an individual from carrying a firearm. However, a closer inspection of the application revealed that Petitioner was not applying for an armed security license but was applying for an unarmed security license. It is uncontested that Respondent could have denied this application based on Petitioner’s failure to list this arrest in her application. However, Petitioner has provided Respondent with a satisfactory explanation of this oversight. Accordingly, SLED no longer seeks to revoke Petitioner’s Private Detective Company License. As Petitioner no longer requires a hearing on this matter, I order this matter Resolved. AND IT IS SO ORDERED. __________________________________ JOHN D. MCLEOD Administrative Law Judge


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